Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Revolutionary Road Review

This film, where Kate Winslet had won the best Supporting Actress in the Golden Globe award, together with Leonardo De Caprio, is such a disturbing film. I mean, it's so real, it can happen to any couple. The conflict between the couple had made a gap between the two. Amidst the existence of their children, there seemed to be an invisible barrier between the couple.

When the couple decided to go away, to lived in Paris, the son of their friend Milly was amazed. I mean, I can't forget his line.

"..Hopelessness? It takes a lot of gut to see hopelessness..."
This struck me in a much much deeper manner. In a place where you live, it takes a lot of courage to decide that that place is hopeless.

Amidst the nice plan they lay, some circumstances had stopped them. To cite some: a baby is coming, and Frank(De Carpio) is promoted.
Thsi had brought a lot of quarrel. A lot of misunderstanding. Until April(Winslet) had decided to kill the baby. And killing herself on the process.

This film is good. It will ask you something that is out of place in this world. Something that is real.

It had showed the face of relationship in many forms, through the families living in Revolutionary Road.

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