Thursday, February 12, 2009

Soccer Festival

My soccer team will be holding its annual activity the Foot festival that have been part of our tradition. And the theme for this year is "12 years of soccer-kickin' good". Isn't it cute? *giggles*
A lot of invitation were sent to a variety of schools that we know has ladies soccer team, ranging from high schoolers to college students. And I think, their acceptance of this invitation would be a great chance for each one of us to prove our soccer skills, passion and our heart for this sport.
We had done our part to make this event a success, and the success of this activity would be based on the day itself, February 21, 2009, Saturday at the Administration field at University of the Philippines Mindanao. Hope a lot of people would come and see us. I mean, this is part of the foundation week of the university.

Well, I hope we'll have some fun on that day and I hope, that day won't be just part of your regular Saturday. Good day!!!

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