Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Politics on its worst

It is not right to blame the Political crisis of today to the Catholic Church. By doing so, politicians were ruining the difference between politics and religion. In our country, politics and religion are two different bodies. Independent of each other, but each has their own sovereignty.
For the passing of the con-ass, it is not that new that people would go against this. For Pete's sake, the church has nothing to do with each person's individual DECISION. it is their own choice, heated by the trapo that those politicians were.
I guess, it is a hit below the belt that the Catholic Church be blamed for the rallies and other activities against the government. For, it is the fault of those politicians who passed the H.R. 1109, the con-ass.
It is like a masquerade to hide their plan for the continuation of the PGMA regime.
I think, those politicians should try to behave and please the people by making decisions that will be for the common good. Not for the elite's good that is now living at Malacanang Palace.

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