Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Escapade

Looking at my empty account, I heaved a sigh. What on earth shall I do with this...
The want to buy things with a limited resources creeps in. And it sucks when I look at those wants that I WANT to have. But then, reality bites in. I'm not in the position to buy those wants, I mean with today's economic meltdown, it is better to buy those needs than those wants. I guess, spending intelligently will help the family right now...

Looking on the brighter side, Summer is about to end, and I still want to go to places but still, I can't. hmmm, this summer, I did apply to an online-tutorial and I really want to be accepted. It would help the family's finances. And I guess, I can also have some extra money that will go with this.
Hope the last interview today will go on well.... *sigh*

I miss soccer....

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